PBZ was founded in 2003 in Sweden by Arash Adib, a genuine car enthusiast from birth gaining extensive experience of cars and tuning over the years. In those days the company’s main business area was importing sports cars from Japan to Sweden. Back then we were the first company in Scandinavia to offer Japanese import cars (such as Nissan Skylines etc.) to the general public.

As time passed we evolved by offering aftermarket part sales, servicing and tuning.

PBZ is located in Uppsala which is in the heart of Sweden. A third of Sweden’s population (9 million) is within a 90-mile radius from our location. We have a network of dealers and workshops throughout Sweden that we are distributing our product range to and we have a close relationship with all major insurance companies in the country. We have customers from all over Europe.


As time passed, we became more and more involved in various forms of motorsport. We started sponsoring and building cars for race teams competing in drag racing, Drifting and track racing. We have been involved with some of the most successful racing drivers and teams in Sweden. Amoung other successes, we have tuned the European Champion in FWD Dragracing.

Our facility:
Our 12’000sq.ft. facility features a physical shop, complete well-equipped workshop with the most advanced dyno cell on the Swedish market with a state of the art Rototest 1550 whp 4WD in-house dyno, warehouse, office area and convenience facilities for our staff and customers.


We are official dealers of:
AMS PerformanceCOBB Tuning, Ecutek, HaltechHKS, Nismo, ProCharger Superchargers, TomeiÖhlins Suspension and many other brands.